Sites Like POF

POF has long been recognised as the Daddy of free dating sites. Millions of members, no user restrictions and a name that sounds out around the world. The POF brand speaks for itself.

I mean, come on, even Lady Gaga featured the damn thing in a music video. How many other dating sites can claim that sort of presence in pop culture? The answer is not many, but we can see the tide turning.

Sites like POF are beginning to emerge on the horizon, and unlike the many that have failed before, these may actually have a chance of catching on. Facebook has changed an entire generation’s interpretation of how a social networking site should be done.

Remember when it cost an arm and a leg just to open a message on Friends Reunited? We do. Dating sites can’t afford to charge what they once did, because the competition is so fierce.

And who wins in that situation? You!

Sites like POF are springing up everywhere, following the trend of giving away a great deal of functionality for free. You’d be surprised just how many dating sites offer the same free incentives as POF. Not all of them are 100% free, but even POF has started to implement paid features.

The Best Alternatives to POF

Just Hookup – Millions of members onboard already, and growing at a frightening rate, Just Hookups has just the right blend of free and paid features to be able to compete with Plentyoffish. Just like POF, Hookup aims to capture all singles – young, old, rich or poor. But it is geared towards more risque dating. Lots of skin, lots of sex. You can register exclusively for free if you’re in the following countries: UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Sites like Plentyoffish are going to be appearing and disappearing very often over the coming months. One thing’s for sure, if you’re looking to find a date online, there isn’t going be a shortage of services looking to grab you by the hand. Happy hunting.

Are You Still a Virgin After Anal Sex?

Funny reading over on Reddit today with the following question posed:

Do some people really only have anal sex in order to preserve their ‘virginity’ for marriage?

Believe it or not, there is a crazy anal-loving Christian minority out there who still consider themselves virgins in in the eyes of their Lord. Because as long as the hymen stays in tact, the arsehole is fair game, right?

I actually know of a girl who managed to break her hymen while riding a horse.

Does that spell Game Over for her virginity?

I should point out that the horse was an actual physical…you know, horse. Not simply a guy who happened to be hung like one.

I find it crazy how so many of these girls can attempt to have the best of both worlds by holding back vaginal sex, but happily obliging in any other rough and tumble. Especially when their belief systems stress quite specifically that sodomy is evil.

But who cares for logic right?

Anal sex, Christians and ‘waiting for the wedding night‘. A match made in heaven!

The world has gone insane.

The Latest Aussie Hookup Sites

I’ve had a few of these delivered to my inbox lately: sites for Aussies to sign up, message the night away, and maybe (or maybe not)… get laid.

Here are the best of the bunch:

Aussie Hookups – Aussie Hookups is allegedly well financed and looking to make a big splash on the usual hookup channels. There seems to be a fairly even spread of the usual escort types, plus ‘normal’ women, and a lot of LGBT users. Worth joining and adding to your hookup haunts.

Adelaide Sex – Sex in Adelaide, simple as that. The site seems to include some members from outside Adelaide, but there’s a fair amount of women and many of them are active. A good deal for Adelaide no strings sex junkies. Not sure about the design though…

Casual Encounters Brisbane – Catered for those seeking no strings dating in the Brisbane area. This is slightly more PG than the other hookup sites above, but still with an overtly sexual flavour. I haven’t tried it personally as I’m not in Brisbane. Possibly a good option if you are though.

BTW, did anybody hear the latest news about POF getting taken over by $575 USD million is the figure being quoted.

Not a bad return!

I wonder if we’ll see a pay wall rolled out soon?